Blame it on the Food is a collaboration between three food and drink obsessed homosapiens from different walks of life who have conspired to take on the unbearably daunting task of sampling some of the best and worst foods that the California Bay Area has to offer so that you don’t have to.  We may even throw in some places from our travels outside of the Bay Area just to stir things up.  We are not rich folk, so our typical reviews will focus on places that are accessible to anyone.  If that floats your boat then check back often as we are probably busy eating/drinking something right this second and carefully plotting our next post that will be sure to leave your senses tingling.  Of course, we are always interested in any comments or suggestions that you may have.  If you know someone that has a garden or chicken coop in or around the city we would love to take some pictures of their setup and write a post about them or if your mother/grandmother makes the best (insert specialty here) then we would be honored to meet them as well.  So, feel free to drop us a line.