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Have you been to a Cafe Gratitude somewhere in California?

When my bestfriend comes to town from Denver, Colorado she always wants to go to Cafe Gratitude. Mind you, she is a yogi health nut. However, she has good taste in food. She actually said that they only thing missing from her beloved Denver is Cafe Gratitude! She also hits up the Cafe Gratitude location in LA when she goes to work there. In addition there is a Cafe Gratitude in Berkeley.

Cafe Gratitude is vegan and organic that even non-vegans enjoy. I would say, just a head’s up, it is on the pricier side.

My BF’s favorite lunch are the tacos (I am Transformed) and the mint cacao shake. AND, she can never eat all of the taco’s dish, never fails.

I like the Sea vegetables and kale bowl with steamed quinoa or brown rice (or a mix of both), house-made kim chee, carrots and sprouts with tahini-garlic sauce (pictured above).

I will add more to this post soon.

  • 103 Lincoln St
    Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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