Bantam: Santa Cruz

Bantam is a fairly new restaurant in Santa Cruz that serves wood-fired pizzas (with local ingredient toppings), great snacks (appetizers), locavore seasonal creative vegetable dishes and salads (such as Early Girl Tomatoes).  We’ve been to Bantam a few times now and have loved the food more and more at every visit. It is a good place for groups or couples and we even brought our 3 month old son one Friday evening (louder, lively setting).  The setting is sparse with an open kitchen. The ambiance is lively from all of the talking tables as it is just all around a good spot for a fun weekend meal.  We’ve taken friends from out of town and they have really appreciated the local and seasonal ingredients used in the creative dishes.  The snacks are quite creative and we’ve tried them all: Carrot, turnip and green bean PICKLES, AVOCADO TOAST with sesame, chili and lime, Cherry tomato with BURRATA and tarragon, Warm marinated OLIVES (order all of them if you have a group of 4-6).

I just read on their facebook page that Wednesday is Hamburger Wednesday at Bantam, looks super tasty!

What does BANTAM mean you ask?  A small breed of chickens I believe.

Check out their menu online as the food changes a bit by the season.

Open for dinner only.

Closed on Sundays.

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