Need Ideas for Dinner Party Themes?

We have had a dinner club that we call “Gourmet” for almost 2 1/2 years now.

So this means we have had about 27 meals together.

Many fear we will run out of ideas!

If you need an idea for a dinner party, check out our list of the dinner themes we’ve used so far.

We think ten people works best or five couples (eight people would work well too).

The way we do it is, the host picks the theme and recipes, disperses them to the group, and the host makes the main dish and a special drink.

I’ve profiled the highlighted Dinner Themes that we wrote about in more depth.

Get Creative and let us know of any themes you have tried out for dinner parties!

27 Ideas for Dinner Party Themes:

  1. Big Sur Cookbooks Recipe Dinner (Recipes from Big Sur Restaurants and Places such as Esalen, Tassajara, Nepenthe …)
  2. Rustic Italian Feast
  3. Mardi Gras Dinner (Muffaleta, Dirty Rice, Gumbo Z’Herbes, Hush Puppies, King Cake Recipe …)
  4. Brinner: Breakfast for Dinner
  5. ROYGBIV Indian Dinner (All dishes made up the colors of the rainbow, yes, seriously! + a Blue Drink)
  6. Family Favorite Holiday Recipe Party (Guests all brought a dish that was a holiday family favorite in their family)
  7. Chinese New Year Dinner
  8. Adult Sleepover Dinner
  9. Irish St. Paty’s Day Shenanigans Party
  10. Earth Day Dinner (Fresh from Farmer’s Market Recipes)
  11. Mexican ‘Baja’ Style Dinner + Refried black beans (from Cafe Elote)
  12. 4th of July Gourmet Burger Party
  13. Summer Picnic: With little ants on table (Gourmet Sandwich Bar, Pasta Salad …)
  14. Sushi Dinner
  15. Make your own Fast Food: Fast Food Made Slow (Mini Big Macs, Wendy’s Chili, Frosty’s …)
  16. Spanish Tapas & Couples Interactive Dinner Party Dating Game
  17. Winter Feast: Cookie Exchange (Roast, Carrot Soup w/ Kale Chip, Sun Dried Tomato Crostini, Hot Chocolate Bar …)
  18. Mediterranean Dinner
  19. Crab Crackin’ + Dice (Paper down on table: Crab, Cornbread, Potatoes, Brownies …)
  20. Betty Crocker Cookbook Dinner
  21. Italian Finger Food 420 Munchies + Italian NeoRealist Film (Mozzarella Sticks, Romaine Salad Cups, Spaghetti Squash Alfredo)
  22. Spa Salad Bar (Zucchini Soup, Salad Bar with Toppings, Water w/ Cucumber, Mini-Chocolate Dipped Bananas etc …)
  23. French Theme (Coq Au Van & All Recipes from one Particular French Cookbook)
  24. Fresh Mex (Home-made Chips, Guacamole, Ceviche…)
  25. End of Summer BBQ Ribs (Ribs, Corn, Arugula Salad w/ Mango, Strawberry Shortcake …)
  26. Bring your Favorite Take-Out (Wings from Hooters, El Pastor Burritos, Samosas, Big Gulps from 711 …)
  27. British Pub Themed Dinner (Shepard’s Pie, Chips with Curry Sauce, Sausages, Peas, Banofee …)
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