Garden Deli • Grab a Good Sandwich in Santa Cruz

Garden Deli in Santa Cruz is a locals spot. If no one had ever mentioned Garden Deli to you, you would never find this hole-in-the-wall location. Stop-in for sandwiches, liquor, beer, or snacks. The line can get long, but it moves quickly.

Stop by Garden Deli before you go:

  • To the Beach
  • Camping
  • On a Picnic

Garden Deli is located in a Liquor Store in Santa Cruz off of Soquel Avenue. They have a custom deli in the back or already made up sandwiches, hard boiled eggs, macaroni potato salad in a case. This is not a gourmet, arugula and microgreens place (think classic) so if you know what kind of sandwich you like, order that but we listed some of our favorites below.

We like the Smoked Turkey Sandwich on Sliced Sourdough or a roll with everything. Others mentioned liking the Italian and the Hot Pastrami or a Reuben made with Pastrami (as recommended by the Sentinel “Garden Deli is a Hidden Eden”).

1815 Soquel Dr
Santa Cruz, CA 95065

(831) 475-9191

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