Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey • Denver

Stranahan’s is different.

Get a bottle of this for a Whiskey loving friend and you will seal the deal.

  • It isn’t a Bourbon and it’s not a Scotch.
  • But it is similar to a Bourbon.
  • It is certainly not a Canadian.
  • Incredibly smooth is a good description we’d say.
  • Stranahan’s has a bit of a sweet flavor (apparently from Mountain grown barley).
  • 94 proof (47% alcohol by volume) is another thing that makes it different from the typical 80 proof Whiskey.
  • Drink it neat, if you can handle the alcohol, or with a bit of water, cold.
  • If you go to the Distillery in Denver, order the pretzel bites. They are no joke!
  • Oh, and watch out for the elevation in the mile high city. ONE DRINK IS LIKE TWO! Chug water on the plane before you arrive.

Find out more here about cloudy vs. clear, age, and its small batch production.

For the time being, they are only distributing Stranahan’s in the state of Colorado

If you are ever in Denver, go for a distillery tour and buy a bottle there, cause’ you can’t get it in CA!

200 South Kalamath St, Denver, CO 80223

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