Sushi in Santa Cruz is in Scotts Valley: Rumble Fish

As weird as it sounds (further from the ocean than Santa Cruz), good sushi in Santa Cruz can be found at Rumble Fish in Scotts Valley.  Just when we think we’ve tried it all, we have found some new spots to share with you over the next month!

People ask us a lot about where to get good sushi.  We don’t eat tons of sushi as John just can’t get full enough (it’s a hard life, I know).  We do like sushi and Japanese food and we found a really great place for you to check out.

For a birthday celebration we landed at Rumble Fish and as soon as we sat down, we spotted an old friend up at the bar.  This friend used to live near downtown Santa Cruz and frequented Shogun Sushi weekly.  Just seeing him in Rumble Fish gave the restaurant an immediate boost in our book.  He told us, “Order the Monkey’s Brain, it’s great!”   The Monkey’s Brain (something like Avocado filled with Tuna or other Sashimi and lightly deep-fried)?  Fried Green Tea Ice Cream is a good choice for the birthday boys and girls!

  • Nice portions (I order the pick two dinner and it was a huge amount of food)
  • Good variety, something for everyone, even non-sushi lovers
  • Sushi on the house when you sit down (tasty touch! we were treated to this at dinner, don’t know if it is all the time)
  • Creative food (Monkey Brain, TNT roll, Lion King roll, Rocky roll …)
  • Warm welcome, family friendly
4727 Scotts Valley Dr
Scotts Valley, CA 95066

(831) 440-9240

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  • The green tea ice cream dessert looks REALLY yummy!

  • I used to live in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and your news about the antique fair makes me so nagtolsic for one of the country’s most beautiful spots. I look forward to your photos of this year’s event. Thanks for hosting today’s party.

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