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We were invited to a SoUp sWaP party last weekend which was a lot of fun AND we came home with six different soups to fill our new chest freezer with (+ one extra that we made).  We had to face it, soups are healthy and are perfect for the winter, to get one back to healthy eating.

Each person invited makes:

  • 6 quarts of soup (4 cups in a quart, 32 ounces • About a large pot full)


  • Label the soup and include an ingredient list (for those folks with food allergies and dietary restrictions)
  • Apparently, cream soups don’t break down well when frozen, and potatoes don’t fare well either. So you may want to test your soup with a deep freeze.
  • Freezing the soup before the party is a pretty good idea so that it stays cool while you eat and chat at the gathering.
  • Nice labels can make a difference on how desirable your soup is (of course). You could put dried beans or a rosemary sprig on your label or get fancy with designed and printed labels.
  • Have a good Story about your soup ready to go

At the Party:

  • Each Soup Swapper presents their soup with a story (the more appealing, the better = marketing).
  • Each guest is given a number and you go around the room and pick one soup each time until you have the number of soups that you came to the party with.
  • Can have a contest on the first and last soup chosen OR have folks bring canned foods for charity

Check out this blog for SoUp sWaP TipS.

Soups that Freeze from Soup Chick

Thanks for introducing us to this & inviting us Santa Cruz – Life of the Mouth Blog – Gluten Free:

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  • Love soups and think a soup swap is a great idea! How do you manage food allergies and of course vegetarians and vegans? I have a dairy allergy (not just lactose intolerant) and it looks like the soup swap you were invited was by someone with a gluten allergy.

  • True, there are many diets and food allergies our there. If you have a lot of guests, I think there will be something for everyone but with only a small group you would probably have to check with people beforehand on particular situations. It was a great party and idea.

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