What does your Thanksgiving Plate say about you?

What does your Thanksgiving plate say about you?

  • Large Portions: Big Personality, your an extrovert, and like attention from the amount of food you put on your plate
  • Small Portions: Self Controlling, aware of consequences, shy, polite
  • Average Plate (sides are touching and it isn’t overloaded, just enough): Logical and well-adjusted (maybe predictable)
  • Messy Plate: Easy-going, friendly, not high maintenance, a little aloof but you don’t care, because you didn’t notice anyways
  • Super Neat Plate: Precise, many boundaries, controlled, need to let loose a little, I mean, come on, it’s Turkey Day!

Two Favorite Thanksgiving Salads with Persimmons:

& Don’t forget this Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipe and to make this tasty thing the day after Thanksgiving with your leftover turkey!

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