The Picnic Basket: Santa Cruz

If you think all there is to Santa Cruz is the beach boardwalk, you’re wrong, branch out.  Actually the boardwalk is not a first choice for a spot to spend the day down in Santa Cruz.  Of course, unless you have folks visiting from out of town who have kids. It is always fun to take the kids on the Big Dipper roller coaster or to walk out on the wharf and hear the barking animals below. Having just made that statement, let me contradict myself by telling you to check our three favorite Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk foods post!  AND, check out The Picnic Basket, a new place to grab lunch down at the Boardwalk for keepin’ it classy. It caught my eye this summer when we took our niece to get a homemade corn dog and to get jerked around for awhile on the rickety coaster.  The Picnic Basket doesn’t look like it belongs down by wharf area because it is quite tasteful looking in a retro beach kind of way, but not diner style-retro over the top.  It is owned by Penny Ice Creamery which is a great sign.  So one afternoon we finally got to stop in and get a great local El Salchichero hot dog with Farmhouse Kulture Kraut and a Santa Cruz Mountain Brew (check out their facebook page for $1 off coupon until 11/1/11 or a Verve coffee.  They have a rotating selection from Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing, Santa Cruz Aleworks, Uncommon Brewers, Boulder Creek Brewing Company, Corallitos Brewing Company, Seabright Brewery, and Sante Adairius Rustic Ales (yes, all in Santa Cruz County!).   They let us have a taste of the local wine they serve and of course as we were quickly sipping, a train went by outside, nice touch.  You can still get Penny’s Ice Cream with a choice of about 9 flavors in the case. I love all of the local foods and drinks you can get at the Picnic Basket, seriously check out their tasty menu online and their fun coupon deals from FB.  PB is a healthy and tasty alternative, see their salad choices too. We are glad to have them around!

Kids, tell your parents you will let them go to The Picnic Basket if they take you to the Boardwalk.  It just might work!

The Picnic Basket tag-line says it all: Local • Artisan Food • Drinks • Coffee • Ice Cream

125 Beach Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Mon – Sun: 7:00 am 12:00 am
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