Rustic Italian Dinner Party Menu & Recipes

There is an art to planning a menu for a great dinner party.  It can be more doable when each guest is given a recipe to make and bring to share.  Of course, these have to be good friends in order for you to feel alright about assigning them a recipe versus telling them to bring a salad so this is more of a Gourmet club style dinner.  This Rustic Italian menu was very well planned not only because each recipe fit well with the theme but because each recipe was recommended fairly well by online reviews.  One of our friends even made his dish the week before to test it out. Then he perfected the dish he made for our dinner night, seriously impressive!

We made the Rustic Nectarine and Blackberry Crostata with Cornmeal Crust and we served it with ice cream and apple brandy (as an after dinner drink).  This is a great dessert and we non-bakers even pulled it off!

Rustic Italian Dinner Party Menu:

Appetizer: Olives & Classic Tuscan Flatbread w/ Olive Oil & Balsamic

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