41st Avenue Liquor Store: Santa Cruz

Beer Snob?  41st Avenue Liquor is the place to buy beer in Santa Cruz.

41st Avenue Liquor has Belgian sour beers like rodenbach, a large variety of Ciders, IPA’s, German Beers, and large selection of microbrews.  In addition they have quite a good liquor selection including all types of whiskey, vodka, liquours, tequilas and so on.  The wine selection is not as large as BevMo but they do have a pretty good selection (the beer prices and liquor prices are usually a bit lower or similar to Bevmo).

Also, I like to randomly pick up unique drinking glasses and bar knickknacks here like the metal deer head shot glass and margarita glasses too.

2155 41st Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

(831) 475-5117

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