Tamarindo: Oakland

I read about Tamarindo in Old Oakland three years ago in Sunset Magazine and I have wanted to try it ever since.  The Tamarindo Margarita was my main interest (turns out it is rather sweet and the Mezcalito is what won us over) as well as the small plates.  We finally got around to it and we re-discovered some finer points of upscale-cuisine and upscale-Mexican Cuisine in particular:

  • Mezcal is wonderful with its smoky goodness in cocktails (Drank this in Tamarindo’s Mezcalito Cocktail (Del Maguel Crema de Mezcal – Orange – Volcanic Salt Rim))
  • Some Yelpers can summarize a spot in a few key words, some. This statement is pretty much spot-on, “Expensive, Small Portions, and Delicious.” This means you must go with a Cocktails-and-Small-Plates-State-of-Mind and sit at the bar OR make it a ladies night out dinner. Don’t go with a Super Burrito mentality (or a husband who needs 3,000 calories a day who will have to run through In-N-Out on the way home) because he will not get full on the sharable small plates concept, unless you have hours to eat, and a wallet filled with hundred dollar bills.
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