What does your Favorite Cup or Mug say about you?

  • Big Cups = for those who like to eat a lot (aka manly)! Oh, and frugal, more-for-your-money types.
  • Small Cups = for those who monitor their portion sizes, the less is more, anal, lady-like types!
  • Beautiful Cups = for those who are artistically inclined, and latch onto every cool new food trend!
  • Old Cups = for the crunchy, tradition-loving, recycling types, who may be afraid of change!
  • Disposable Cups= for those always ready for change who have commitment issues and no concerns for their present environment?

The tea post got me thinking about drinking vessels.  Do you have a favorite mug or glass?  At our house, we each have an unspoken attachment to one particular coffee mug, glass, or cup.  Also, we don’t use the other person’s favorite vessel.  I guess this is because we aren’t interested in the other person’s goblet, it’s just not OUR favorite.

One of them was chosen by the person for the quantity it can hold, one was chosen for the shape of the glass in one’s hand, and the other one was chosen for its hand-made aesthetic qualities.   I think we could psycho-analyze each of these in conjunction with our food consumption habits (as we also look at the degree to which we are each attached to our own)!

What do you think Aubri and Adrienne?  We need a therapists take on this!

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  • Jason Link

    Sometimes a mug becomes a favorite due to its history… not necessarily because it’s particularly wonderful.

    I got this Star Trek mug for my birthday from my mother in High School. It was part of a set of two (the other had characters from The Next Generation cast). I’ve never been a big Star Trek fan (I fell in the Star Wars camp). I brought them both to college and only this one survived. It’s one of the few relics in my current dwelling from that time.

    Whenever I find it clean in cupboard I grab it first without question. I find those mornings when it’s clean to be a little more bearable as I force myself awake with coffee.

    I hope in the future, space captains are required to go to Glamour Shots for their officer photos. That’s the future I want our generation is working towards.

  • I love the caffeine mug Jason got for me a while back. It’s hard to see in the picture, but there is a chemical model of caffeine on the side of it.

    I love having tea in this mug because I can see the color of the tea. Recently I brought it to school since soon I will be teaching a chemistry unit, and I’m wondering how long it will take before my students clue into the chemical symbol on it…

  • Oops, here’s the caffeine mug.

  • Hey Kellie, I still can’t see your mug.
    John was dying laughing at Jason’s.

  • kellie Link

    Yeah, I don’t know why it didn’t work. Here’s a link to the picture on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kellies_belly/5313803531/in/set-72157623803637493/

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