Santa Clara Native: A Local Eat & Special Treat

Santa Clara Native: Where the Locals Eat

  • Name: DP “DareBear” – 3rd or 4th Generation Californian + First Gen. Chinese
  • Occupation: Bartender & Graphic Design Student
  • How long he’s lived in San Jose: More than 20 years!
  • Favorite Local Eat and Treat: Family Birthdays Celebrated @ Okayama Restaurant
  • Location: Japantown, San Jose

“DareBear” always takes girls for first dates to Okayama!  Then they fall in love, and with the way the story was told to me, with the restaurant anyways.  Okayama Restaurant, family owned and operated in Japantown since 1967 (one of last three historical Japantowns remaining in the US),  is also DP’s family’s favorite place to go for special occasions, particularly birthdays (they give special treatment for birthdays).  They always call ahead for reservations because it can be crowded.  DP and his sister both order the Beef Teppanyaki.  His mom gets the Soup with Tofu, his brother orders the Chicken katsu (Hawaiian Dish), and his father likes the Beef Teriyaki.  DP remembers as a kid being served otter pops on his birthday and says adults got green tea ice cream.  On their website I noticed that they offer a free birthday lunch or dinner with your ID for a party of 4 or more.

565 N 6th St Ste A
San Jose, CA 95112

(408) 289-9508

*free parking
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