Thanksgiving Foodie Supplies

Need a gift for a Thanksgiving host or do you need to make sure your kitchen is stocked for your “Guest Thanksgiving Chef” aka your Mom is in town for Turkey Day.  Here are few beloved finds.

Decorative Pie Crust Cutters:

These make your pies look professional & cute.

Heavy Duty Brining Bags

Seriously handy if you want a moist bird. I’ve looked into alternatives to buying the Brining Bags such as using garbage bags (don’t suggest it when they say, not food safe on the box) or a cooler. One of the best alternatives I have found is the culinary bucket bought at a food supplies store.  Or, you know what, just get one of these bags and call it a day.

Oven-Proof Probe Thermometers

Convenient, especially when many folks are relying on YOUR big bird and you’ve never made one before.

Oh, Last thing – Pie Crust Beads

Are you a Store-Bought or Homemade Pie Crust Chef?

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