San Jose Native: A Local Eat & Special Treat

San Jose Native: What the locals drink!

  • Name: An
  • Occupation: Art Student with an Eye on the Time
  • How long she’s lived in San Jose: More than 20 years!
  • Favorite Local Eat: Mint Mojito Iced Coffee @ Philz Coffee
  • Location: San Jose, CA (Two Philz Locations in SF too)

An has lived in San Jose since she was one years old, so that counts as a native CA’er for sure!  She told me to go to Philz and order the Mint Mojito Iced Coffee and to get a large for a whopping $4.50!  She says you will want a large if you order a small and it is only .50 cents more than the small.   Philz even charges $3 for their drip cups of coffee and An claims it’s that good.  They make a mocha type of coffee drink with a frothy top and add fresh mint.  An discovered this drink in SF one afternoon and later found out they had a location in downtown San Jose where she now goes to get her fix while parked in a free, secret spot near the MLK Library. Thanks for the tip An!

Philz Coffee

118 Paseo de san Antonio
San Jose, CA 95112

Open Weekdays 6:30am-10pm; Sat 7am-10pm; Sun 7am-9pm

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