Chill Out: Santa Cruz

Can you really judge a restaurant by eating there once? As a food blogger, love at first site only happens on special dining occasions, and then I often wonder if it was just lust.  Love at first site didn’t happen at Chill Out. In past dining experiences at Chill Out I must have wanted to make it more of a long term affair with substance to our relationship.  The first four times or so I felt like I had become familiar with Chill Out’s appearance and good offerings but I wasn’t in it for the long run.  This is because I hadn’t found my go-to menu item quickly enough to build a craving for the seldom times when on I’m on a diet.  So I decided to put more effort in this weekend with an invitation to join a breakfast birthday celebration at Chill Out.

I discovered two menu options and one dining note on my fifth visit to Chill Out.  What does this mean?  When you order too close to # 0-5 Breakfast Burrito options on the menu board, you are going to get an egg filled burrito that is too dry and straight up boring.  I like a lot of sauce and a kick of spice in the form of at least salsa and (sorry purists) sour cream and/or guacamole on my breakfast burrito, particularly because there isn’t meat inside like el pastor or even bacon to spice it up.  So I made my way to Burrito option #20 and bingo!  So choose wisely and patiently.  Then I walked out back to meet the already present party of eight breakfast-eater friends chilling at a huge picnic table and saw that our cousins had ordered these large plates filled with eggs, hash browns, a side of spicy cream cheese topping, and other stuff.  This was the discovery of desirable menu item #2 (not to be confused with #2 on the menu) that happened to be a breakfast burrito without the tortilla (for the gluten-free types)!  I already mentioned the other cool part of Chill Out that I discovered on this visit and it has to do with the ability for ten of us to sit together at a back picnic table with additional chairs for a huge, inexpensive brunch of friends and family (Note: it can get chilly out back on those cold Santa Cruz mornings).  Oh, the fresh squeezed orange juice is money too but grab your coffee from next door at Verve Coffee Roasters (featured in another BITF Review) cause’ it is also money and award-winning!

860 41st Ave
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

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