Beer Revolution: Oakland, CA

I will spare you the revolution metaphors, puns and bad jokes.  This place is about beer.  And not just good beer, but excellent beer.  Since the holidays are coming up, I’ll express my greatest desire: that Beer Revolution was move to within walking distance from my house.  Beer Revolution has every beer you can imagine for takeout or drinking there.  It has your IPA section, with your local Drake’s Denogginizer Double IPA, and your BrewDog Hardcore IPA out of Scotland.  It also has all your favorite Belgians and Belgian-styles, including some hard-to finds from Russian River Brewing.  There are Lambics and Guezes and everything that surrounds them.

Now, all I’ve been talking about is Beer Revolution’s refrigerators that line the left wall.  However, that leaves out one of the best reasons to spend an afternoon into an evening there.  That reason being the rotating taps of the same amazing variety held within the coolers.  There are ten to fifteen taps being poured, with almost a guarantee of one changing while you are there.

Since Beer Revolution is in Oakland, you have more of a chance that it will be warm there.  This means that you can take advantage of their outdoor deck and their openness to bringing outside food and having a picnic, then staying for a while to see what taps will change.

If you needed another reason to come, Beer Revolution also has great events.  There are weekly “Sweet and Sour Tuesdays” where sour ales and chocolate are paired and special events like the launch of new drafts from local breweries.

If you aren’t there already, you should be.

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  • ChrisFS Link

    This place truly rocks. The owners, Rebecca and Fraggle know their stuff. And there’s a bunch of restaurants within a block. They are very ok with you getting food to go and bringing it to the bar. Some places will even deliver to the bar.

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