Wine Tasting Party #2: Winners • Dierberg Pinot Noir & Chateau St. Jean Chardonnay

When we want to have a really memorable party we have a wine tasting party.  Only certain guests can really appreciate an unsophisticated wine tasting activity.  This year, we told everyone to bring really good bottles.

A Fast Wine Tasting Set-up:

  • 3-5 people per group (Give everyone a # and don’t let couples be together in the same group)
  • Label each bottle with a number.  Divide up the whites and reds
  • Give each group a piece of paper labeled with a number for each bottle of wine. A wine rating of 1-5 will be decided on by everyone in each group.  5 is the best and 1 rating is the worst. (Of course, my group had to start giving 2.25 ratings and 1.75 ratings)
  • Designate a number cruncher at the party (Accountant, Actuaries, CFO, or an Engineer paired up with an Artist, Writer, or Teacher = Instant Fun) to figure out the winner.

White Winner (out of 4 whites):

  • Chateau St Jean Chardonnay (09 • $12.99 – 07 • #25.99) – (90 PTS WILFRED WONG)

Red Wine Winner (out of 10 reds):

  • Dierberg Pinot Noir 07 ($35-40) (Dierberg Pinot Noirs Rate between 90-95 PTS)
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