Cheese(y) Party #1: Unanimous Winner • Point Reyes Blue

Props to our cheese addiction enabler, Michelle, who has fed us many varieties of cheese in the hopes that she can “keep us classy” at BITF. I think you need to feed us even more at an even greater frequency Michelle, you know, to truly sustain what blue is left in our blood.  I am even inventing a new column called “Cheese(y) Party” in your honor!

Cheeses in this Running Party #1:

Point Reyes Original Blue is aged for 6 months which gives it the deep blue veins and luscious, bold flavor.   This cheese isn’t really all that expensive, surprisingly, either.  It is about $16.99 a pound but we got a .215 chunk and it was enough for a five person appetizer (along with 4 other chunks of cheese).

Link to Blue Cheese Recipes from Point Reyes Blue Themselves!

A Quick Guide to the 5 Types of Cheeses

Cheese Party Tips:

  • DO – serve Wine & Cheese from same region, they often work well together.   Wine & Cheese Pairing Guide.
  • DO – serve one-half bottle of wine and 4 ounces of cheese per person
  • Do, I mean Don’t, I mean DO … over-serve the boos when you are low on money at your next wine & cheese party.  Everything will taste perfect even when you serve Velveta and a Port Cheese Ball.
  • DON’T- serve cream cheese & White Zinfandel unless it’s for a Christmas Sweater Holiday Party
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