SF Bay Area Day Trip: Larry’s Favorite Chai Tea in Felton + Touristy Fun!

If you are looking for a nice afternoon day trip with a foodie touch in the SF Bay Area hop in your car and head towards Santa Cruz but don’t go all the way to Santa Cruz.  You are going to exit in Scotts Valley at Mt. Hermon Road and drive towards Felton for your first stops.

San Francisco Bay Area Day Trip:

•This is an all-ages day trip folks!  So bring the fam or your friends along for the ride!

1st Stop: White Raven Coffee & Tea House in Felton for a cup of their Famous Larry’s Favorite Chai Tea!

  • They use vanilla soy milk to create their masterpiece.  Make sure you stir it constantly to limit the scalding as it heats to 160-180F but do not let it boil.  Also make sure you let your tea bag drip and press the rest of the liquid out after it steeps for 5 minutes to get all of the great flavors.  For Iced Chai brew it hot with vanilla soy milk and then let it cool down before you put it in the fridge. Watch this Larry’s Favorite Chai Brewing Video.
  • Iced Chai Mocha – add a scoop of Ghirardelli chocolate cocoa powder and stir.  They will make it for you at White Raven and it is a really nice combination of spices.
  • Cinnamon Chai Pudding Recipe – from Kellie’s Belly – would be great with this Chai Tea blend.

2nd Stop: Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park

3rd Stop: The Mystery Spot

Notes on the Trip:        ->

Last week my niece and the folks were visiting from Ohio and I wanted to show them some local fun besides detouring at the beach boardwalk in Santa Cruz.  So I decided to take them to Henry Cowell State Park to show them the old Redwood Groves along a self-guided nature path.  Along the way I wanted a unique local food treat for us to try in Felton and we had already had lunch so a local snack of sorts was what we were looking for.  I googled, “The Best Coffee Shop in Felton” and found the White Raven on Yelp.  Folks were commenting to get the Chai tea and said, “Please people, DO NOT GET COFFEE at a place known for Chai tea!”  Yes, I like the direct advice from Yelpers!  I trusted them and we got the Chai tea and tried it both hot and iced.  I also got some great Chai prep tips from the friendly hippie folks at the White Raven.  After a cup of Chai and a purchase of their special Larry’s Favorite Chai blend tea (enough for approximately 32 12oz cups) to go, we headed down the street, not far at all, to Henry Cowell State Park.  The visitor center was open and we looked in at the stuffed skunks, owls, coyotes, and bob cats, then walked along the trail to check out the awesome redwoods.  Next, we headed over to one of the most notorious places in the Santa Cruz Mountains, The Mystery Spot!  Oh yea, if you haven’t been here, take your family, kids, cousins, trendy hipster buddies, or even an Engineer for some good ol’ fun.  $5 for parking and $5 dollars each for entrance and you are admitted to the classic Mystery Spot.

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