KFC: Double Down on Your Impending Heart Attack

Yes, BITF fans, this is KFC’s Double Down “sandwich.”  As you may or may not know, I get hungry.  Real hungry.  As delicious as some of the restaurants and recipes we eat are, sometimes there is just not enough food for me.  For this reason, I am often on the lookout for cheap, filling meals.  So I thought to myself, “how could I go wrong with two fried chicken breasts with bacon between them?”  The long and the short of it is that the “sandwich” is delicious.  However, something felt very wrong when I was finished.  It was that I had just enjoyed something from KFC.  Since my original taste, I have had two more Double Downs.  I recommend them, but only if you are training for a marathon or trying to build muscle mass.  It will probably be a few weeks before I have another.

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  • Lynsey Bennington Link

    Kevin thought this was Heaven. I’m not sure if he’s tried one yet or not though. You may have to convince him to do it…although I don’t think it will take much arm twisting!

  • Dan Bennington Link

    Original, Extra Crispy or Grilled?

  • Nikki Link


  • Dan – the only options were original or grilled, I went with original. Although, I am disappointed that there is no spicy option.

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