Eating Out: Purple Onion in Los Gatos

I am bummed that I missed out on the Purple Onion for at least the last two years in Los Gatos.  Why did I avoid the Purple Onion Cafe in Los Gatos?  I think it was the unassuming exterior and the lack of a somewhat large and inviting sign out front (just small writing on the windows).  One time we even went to eat breakfast at Southern Kitchen across the street and there was such a huge line that we possibly, maybe thought about trying out the Purple Onion but then just decided to wait at Southern Kitchen without even walking inside to check it out.  That was stupid!  The Purple Onion reminds me of a spot you would find up in Yountville in Wine Country.  They serve some specialty products such as Lavender soda, nice quiches with mixed greens and flower petals, fresh squeezed orange juice, and crumb coffee cake.

Breakfast and lunch are served at the Purple Onion and it is open early until about 4pm everyday, but closed on Mondays.  The Purple Onion has a really fresh breakfast menu with quiche, breakfast burritos, mixed fruit with lots of great baked goods such as their crumb coffee cake.  They serve illy coffee and you get free coffee refills.  Something that I like about when you eat at the Purple Onion is that you still feel good when you leave, like you haven’t loaded up on the worst, greasiest breakfast from a diner.  This is a good quality in a breakfast/brunch spot and I like that after working out in the morning or meeting a friend for a light weekday lunch.  The atmosphere inside is also very clean with round cafe tables and you order at the counter and find a seat either inside or ouside on a side patio with places to sit with your dog.   The prices are what you would expect for the LG but you get a quality product in return and fast service without a long brunch crowd wait.

Next, to try the egg salad sandwich and lunch specials!

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  • Maria Link

    Purple Onion is to die for. Everything is so fresh and the staff is smiley and friendly. It looks like this place is scrubbed clean every five mins! I couldn’t imagine a more perfect spot for breakfast or lunch. Thank you Purple Onion!

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