Taqueria La Bamba: Mountian View

La Bamba is a litle Taqueria in Mountain View that serves pupusas.  Pupusas are Salvadoran pork, bean, and cheese stuffed masa flatbread with curtido and a light, watery tomato salsa.  Curtido is a lightly fermented cabbage slaw with red chillies.

On yelp people have written that the burritos at La Bamba are some of the best in the South Bay.  I have to say, go with the Pupusas!

Parking is slim and there aren’t any tables inside but one so you sit at a low counter with chairs around the periphery of the Taqueria.  Cheap and tasty!

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  • The Pupusas were great (and the company), the cabbage slaw sweet and sour with a slightly crunchy texture. Overall YUM! They could use more fresh sauces (a hot sauce would be nice)

    The Burittos aren’t that great, so I’d skip them and go next door (to the largest buritto place in MV)

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