Farmhouse Culture: Shots of Sauerkraut Juice $1!

* Thanks to guest photographer, Jeremy Ehly with his new fisheye lens!

At the Santa Cruz Downtown Wednesday Farmer’s Market and the Santa Cruz Westside Saturday Farmer’s Market, Farmhouse Culture sells contemporary krauts and new special kraut juice shots ($1) and bottles of kraut juice ($5)!

I’m not sure if kraut juice is a hangover cure, an anti-oxident, pro-biotic, daily vitamin option or what but it’s a tasty pickle juice alternative!  However, unlike pickling techniques Farmhouse Culture’s sauerkraut is not created from vinegar.  Check out their website to read about their lacto-fermentation process and the difference between sauerkraut and pickles.

Their kraut is great too.  We made a kraut and sausage pizza that was a real hit!  We warmed the kraut and added it to the baked pizza crust as to not make the crust soggy!

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