Eating Out: Pink Godzilla, Santa Cruz

Pink Godzilla is a great place to go with a group of people for a birthday celebration or get together with friends.  You can call ahead and reserve one of their little rooms (they seem to have three little rooms – 6 guests per table, comfortably depending on the size of each person).  The little rooms have platforms that surround the tables and you take your shoes off when you enter.  There is not a set fee for the rooms but you do have to spend at least $30 an hour on food/drinks which is easy to do with that many people.  About six people can fit at each table comfortably but you can reserve two rooms and they will take out the middle wall section to allow the room to have two tables inside.

We have had a whole variety of rolls (maki mono) here.  The most different rolls that we really like (I particularly like #2) is the Steamer Roll One & Two (Monterey Bay Raw Prawn, Halibut, Cucumber, Daikon Sprouts, Tobiko & the second roll was a Deep Fried Prawn Head, Lemon Slice, Avocado, Sesame Seeds).  The Hawaiian Roll with Eel and Macadamia nuts is great too.  The dipping sauce they use for their Tempura Veggies and such is really unique and made from various fruits and spices.  Also, the server we had suggested getting a side order of the spicy peanut sauce for dipping sushi and other dishes.  It was great!


Pink Godzilla

830 41st Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA 95062-4421
(831) 464-2586

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