Out of Town: Denver, CO

I went to Denver to visit my friends.  Lindsay just moved from Chicago and is now in the business of finding the best places to eat in Denver.  Chi-town has some of the best food around and so she has been looking for the comparable spots in Denver.  She has done a great job so far!

It seems, another place it isn’t cool to be from California, is Denver!  There are too many of us there and we can’t drive.  Too funny!  Being from Ohio originally, this really makes me laugh and not feel offended either but it did make me feel kind of like a Masshole.  What do you call Cali A-holes?  Watch out Texans, they don’t like your driving either.

So they took me to Snooze Eatery! Snooze is a modern diner-like breakfast and lunch spot with two locations in Denver and soon to be other new locations in other cities in CO such as Fort Collins.  Their creative Pancakes (Pineapple Upside-down Cake, Sweet Potato, Wheat’s Cherry Cobbler, and a pancake of the day) and Eggs Benedict dishes (Roasted Pork, BBQ Beef, Ratatouille, and Smokin’ Salmon)  seem to be the great edibles at Snooze.  Friends had the oversize monster Breakfast Burrito, the Burger, and two different Eggs Benedict dishes (BBQ Beef was the better than the Salmon).  I tried the Tomato Soup with grilled 3 cheese sandwich and it was great!   OK, what is the down-side of Snooze?  The wait can apparently be hours long on the weekends.

Don’s Club Tavern is a great dive bar and has been voted the best dive bar in Denver in the past.   It was definitely a better experience at happy hour time when there weren’t a ton of folks crowded in like there are on Friday or Saturday nights.  There isn’t a happy hour special so to speak but they apparently always have cheap well-drinks and beers.  Ha!  A $4 pint of New Belgium Sunshine Wheat (very tasty by the way) WAS a happy hour price for me, being a Calihole and all.  Do I get any kind of bonus points for being a NorCali-hole?

I have to mention Pablo’s Coffee on 6th Avenue because we went there everyday for four days straight and they have a great atmosphere and good coffee.  Pablo’s does not have wi-fi or internet access!  What?  This is actually a great concept and gets people to sit down and talk together rather than being isolated by technology!  This is the place that really made me aware of the friendliness of people in Denver, even though one friendly gentleman hated the hell out of San Francisco once he knew I was from NorCal.

We stopped in Sputnik on Broadway to have a casual lunch in another dive bar after shopping around on Friday.  Sputnik is a bar that also serves food and coffee.  Folks were hanging out and eating at the bar as well as sitting in the booths on their computers (Oh, wi-fi here in the bar).  We had the *MIXED FRIES *Small $3.75, Large $5 (with choice of 2 sauces- sweet habañero jam, chimichurri) and soup.

Sweet Action Ice Cream on Broadway!   Everyone seems to know this great ice cream shop in Denver.  We met the owner (super sweet and friendly) on Friday and she said they make only 1-2 gallons of ice cream per flavor and they are always making new flavors each night!  I love this!  I had the Banana Reece’s Pieces and the next day I had the Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey Brittle (from a Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey Denver Distillery).  Places don’t serve kiddie size scoops anymore so the small is the smallest you can get.  Sweet Action gives you a decent size scoop, none of this, it is a tiny artisanal (to refer to the craft of hand making food products) foods garbage and our ingredients are so premium that you can’t even afford an actual bite.

July 2011 Update on Denver:

We went to two new places to eat in Denver this past weekend.  One of them was a pizza place called Kaos Pizza.  It was really great.  They had seasonal salads such as their watermelon salad with mixed greens, goat cheese, pumpkin seeds, with a balsamic reduction as well as special featured pizzas.  The one we tried was brocolli and brie and it was so awesome! They also had $2 happy hour drafts.

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  • Lindsay Link

    I’m always up for some Sweet Action!

  • We noticed that you are not only always up for it but that you always initiate a Sweet Action outing. Thanks for that.

  • Stephen Link

    Yummy food in Denver. I’ll have to come visit for the food, friends and fun!

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