On Your Drive to Kirkwood: Tasty Maid Bakery -Pioneer, CA

If you drive HWY 88 to get to Kirkwood in the winter for some skiing, stop by Tasty Maid Bakery in Pioneer, CA and pick up a warm homemade cinnamon roll for the road!   They don’t have the best coffee in the world, but their pastries are great and really old fashion, homemade style.

She also has: donuts, danish, muffins, pies, ham&cheese; Kolaches, and a famous Texas Rum Cake.  Their pies are beautiful and are about $8.

Open 7 days a week from 5am-12noon.

Tasty Maid Bakery

24140 State Highway 88
Pioneer, CA 95666

(209) 295-4100

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