Better put on your brakes @ Drakes Brewery: 1st Friday Event

$15 for three drink tokens & a great big Drake’s glass Mug ($3.50 for extra tokens)

$5 donation to a charity (usually a local school)

Roli Roti Porchetta Sandwiches! DJ, all ages but you obviously have to be 21 or older to drink.  Bring a DD for sure! (the food changes, so check their site for the vendor of day)

It is in a crazy location between a Walmart and Sports Authority in San Leandro, CA.

This past Friday evening: 4pm-8pm (That part was a bit hard to get to because of it being a work day and everything.)

Vishal (Special Bi0tF Guest):  The Imperial IPA was good (10%).  I was familiar with the Quasar from Jupiter in Berkeley and didn’t realize it was a Drake’s beverage.  The music was nice and it made me think the summer events at Drakes will be great when the weather warms up.

John: The beer was great and so was the food.  It was a really good atmosphere.  It was hard to get there with enough time to fully enjoy the even coming from work in the South Bay.  So I was only there from 6:30pm-8.  It makes me really appreciate the Bay Area because of all of the good beers!

Zach: What they said.  My favorite was the Denogginizer and the Stout was also very tasty.

Les: I tried some of the lighter beers, not just the 10% alcohol brews, such as the blonde, amber, and hefe.  But I have to say the Imperial (Double) IPA was also my favorite out of them all!

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