Out of Town: Crabill’s Hamburgers – Urbana, OHIO

My dad has frequented Crabill’s Hamburgers since 1955.  Crabill’s cooks their mini burger patties in a secret recipe oil. Fried on a grill in oil an inch deep makes these burgers pretty unique in flavor.   There are only eight bar stools inside but they do have a drive through and pretty big take-out service. We always leave our coats in the car so that they don’t smell like grease.

Ever since 1928 they put mustard, relish, and onion on top. But ketchup was added in 1990.

What to order:

  • A couple doubles w/ mustard, relish, and onion with the buns dipped. Then just keep ordering them until you are full.  The record is over 20 something doubles!
  • A bag of locally made Mumford potato chips, and a coke in the little bottles.
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  • Munch Link

    That sounds just like my order! Can’t beat it!

  • Munch Link

    Oh…Add cheese on mine!

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