Drinking in the Season

We at BiTF appreciate a good blog, especially when it concerns tasty beverages.  This blog not only appeals to our search for new tastes, but also to our aesthetic sensibilities.  With its faux polaroid/recipe card layout, one has the ability to experience a blog in a different (to us) and refreshing way, even if it solely aggregates the work of our bloggy brethren. We invite you to check out Liqurious.


Along these same lines, we finally got our hands on a beer we’ve been jonesing to try.  The beer is a Rauchbier, made with malted barley that has been dried over an open flame.  We tried the Schlenkerla version, which seems to be the most available brand.  According to Wikipedia, there are a few US microbreweries that make rauchbiers, along with some interesting international varieties including a Japanese beer named after the smokescreens used by ninjas.  But, you certainly don’t need to be a ninja to enjoy this style of beer.  As we love some BBQ smoke in most of our food, this beer hit just the right spot.  Truly, if you were craving bacon and beer, this would satisfy both.  Not only is the flavor in the beverage, but it will carry over to any food that you happen to be eating.  Feeling too lazy to get out the grill?  Grab a few rauchbiers and take a sip before each bite, it’s that easy.  I look forward to pairing this with an actual smokey meal to fully enjoy the experience.


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