Chocolate, the Myth, the Legend; Downtown Santa Cruz

Doctor, please, I need Chocolate intravenously pumped into my blood stream!

Food & Beverages: The Desserts & Appetizers are the winners on the menu at Chocolate.  The desserts are amazing and can be enjoyed with just a beverage later in the evening.  Or you can indulge in a romantic dinner by sharing a fondue appetizer or small antipasti plate and then dessert to split.

Good Date Spot: Romantic Dining Room & Heated Outdoor Patio.  Both of these dining areas are dimly lit for a romantic dinner or after dinner desserts with your honey or close friends.  FYI: the bathroom is located in the Bookshop Santa Cruz

After dinner suggestions: Stroll around the Bookshop Santa Cruz afterward to let your food digest because you will be quite full, OR head to 515 for a creative hand-mixed cocktail.

FINAL BITF: Chocolate is an after-dinner dessert stop for us.  We (John & Les) love to share the Gelato Sundae and the large Mate Veza Pale Ale.  Stick with the foundation dishes (cheese apps & antipasta plates) and desserts at Chocolate and you will be happy.

If you thought to yourself, “Yes!” to the idea of intravenously administered chocolate and have a similar feeling about chocolate, then you might be on your way to Chocolate in Santa Cruz before you finish reading this.  I have taken my dad, who is also a serious chocolate lover, to Chocolate telling him to trust me on ordering the Dark Chocolate Gelato Sundae and he now requests to go there on each and every visit, multiple times during the trip.

I am a dark chocolate fiend and this is one my favorite deserts of all time: Dark Chocolate Gelato Sundae with Dark Chocolate Sauce, Homemade Whip Cream, and a Lady Finger!  I am so serious that it is out of this world!

What to order and share on a romantic dinner for two: Vegetarian Antipasto Platter: Organic sundried tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, feta cheese, marinated mushrooms, hearts of palm, olives, pesto, grilled garlic, artichoke hearts served with bread, balsamic and olive oil (order the small platter because it is about the same size as the large), mixed greens salad or soup, and then a dessert to share.  Large Mate Veza or Wine.

For Dinner: The Upside & Downside of Getting an Entrée at Chocolate:
Their “Own Baked Pasta Rosettes” Fresh Pasta Pinwheels stuffed w/ ricotta & romano cheeses Served with Organic Marinara Sauce, or Artichoke Pesto Cream Sauce • Half Order with cup of Soup: $11.50 • w/ Organic Baby Greens: $10.50 •” is also very tasty for a good size dinner.

What Not to Order: The salads are very basic and familiar but nothing to impress you.  Some of the Entrees are good but nothing stands out except for the filling and tasty Pasta Rosettes [and the BBQ pork plate].

Zach: Stick to the dessert.  The regular menu is overpriced and not that good.  Chocolate sundae is decadent.

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