Cheap Homemade Hard Cider

Came across a post at Serious Eats and I couldn’t resist giving it a try.  Basically, you take a gallon of Apple Cider from Whole Foods ($7.00), put some cider yeast in it and wait.  I’ll let you know how it turns out in a couple of weeks.

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  • Kellie Link

    Did you have to heat the cider first? We just bottled our hard cider last night–now to wait a month or so for a sample. You guys should be in the area by the time it’s on the verge of ready….

  • We didn’t heat it first, we just opened and put the yeast in and then an air lock cap. We wrapped a towel around it and put it near the heater to keep it around 75F (don’t know if that actually kept it there). The yeast started though. We added honey to it too. It is done though and tasted really good – 10% or so but the 2nd one is at about 8%.

    Zach is going to put an update.

  • % alcohol that is!

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