Zachary’s in Santa Cruz: More Than Just a Sweet Name

Zachary’s is a well known Santa Cruz breakfast/lunch establishment.  It has an almost Southern-like atmosphere with old worn wood floors and wooden tables.  The menu has an extensive list of daily specials and almost all of the baked goods are made in house.  The menu consists of the usual breakfast fare only more decadent and way more flavorful than most.  The baked options include such items as jalapeño cornbread, coffee cake, herb ciabatta bread for the burgers and other rotating daily specials.


Zach: I’ve been to Zachary’s a couple of times and it has been nothing but great.  The homemade corned beef hash is excellent and the coffee cake is very good as well.  The gourmet burger was very tasty and the home fries were crisp and delicious.  Nothing bad to say about this place and I will definitely be back for more.

Lesley: Zachary’s has my favorite burger in the area and I wish they were open for dinner too.  The Gourmet Burger is served on their homemade herb bun with bacon and avocado.  On the side are their famous golden turmeric-yellow home fries.  The wait staff is fast and very professional.  They also have unique, really thin sourdough pancakes. There are so many great small side dishes to order in addition to your super huge entrees (coffee cake, jalapeño cornbread) that you just don’t have room for all the goodness in one visit.  I try to go with a friend who will split a bunch of things with me.

John: Hard to add anything more here.  Can’t go wrong as far as I’ve tasted.  If I had to make a change, it would be nice to have actual maple syrup, but that is minimal compared to the guaranteed good ingredients in the dishes.  I had french toast, coffee cake and half a burger for brunch, and didn’t need to eat until dinner.  The french toast is made with a flavorful bread and a spiced up egg wash that barely needs syrup, but if you have a sweet tooth like me you’ll want it.  The coffee cake is different each day, and the lemon almond flavor melted in your mouth, not too sweet, not too tart and just right with the butter.  For the butter-lovers, you will not feel skimped as anything that could possibly have butter put on it comes with a quarter stick on the side.  Speaking of an aside, Zachary’s also makes champagne drinks for those mimosa fans out there.

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