Spicy C Cocktail: An Oakland Original

You’ve heard of Gin and Juice right?  Have you heard of Rum and Jalapeño Juice? It sounds a bit rough for the girls to stomach right?  Well, I’m happy to say that I hung with the spicy hot and enjoyed the Hot C Jalapeño and Juice cocktail.  It was much more than bearable; it was the best new, restaurant worthy, home-made cocktail I’ve tried.  It was the perfect mix of hot, sweet, and sour.

The “Hot C” is a cocktail that was invented and refined by two Oakland friends.  One Saturday afternoon they were looking through their kitchen and liquor cabinets and these are the ingredients they found!

Hot C Cocktail Recipe:
-8 lemons
-2 limes
-2 jalapeños diced
(makes 4 parts)

-3 parts white rum
-2 parts simple syrup
-1 part triple sec

Use a lemon/lime squeezer, a juicer, or in our friend’s case an old juicer purchased at the Alameda Flea Market and juice the lemons and limes.  Then dice the jalapeños into tiny pieces an drop them into the lemon and lime juice.

Next fill a shaker with ice and pour in 4 parts juice/jalapeño mixture, 3 parts white rum, 2 parts simple syrup, 1 part triple sec, and 1-2 parts club soda.  Shake it up baby.  Pour the concoction into martini glasses and you will the see the jalapenos floating at the top!

John: This recipe is a nice change from the usually too sweet citrus drinks.  According to Zach, this is actually a modified Mai Tai.  After trying this drink at home, we realized the variations in jalapeño spiciness really affect its flavor.  Without a spicy pepper, the sweetness overpowers the drink, making it closer to a lemonade.  My opinion would be to add more rum and use less sugar.

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