Santa Cruz Diner

Grab a booth and sit down for conversations based on trivial pursuit cards and breakfast all-day.  They have comfort food standards such as meatloaf or Salisbury steak, varieties of pie slices, and even Pho and vegan/vegetarian dishes.  Santa Cruz Diner is Santa Cruz style.  By Santa Cruz style I mean the menu has an eclectic variety for all Santa Cruz folks young and old.  Families, groups of high school kids, and transients, as well as everyone in between can be seen at the Diner.  The dishes are predictable and served up pretty quickly.  I took my brother to the Diner and he asked if the burgers were good, I said, “Good enough.”  He agreed, “Good enough.”

Lesley: My standard is breakfast for dinner at the diner.  I get the California Omelet with avocado, Monterey jack cheese, & bacon with hash browns on the side and your choice of toast or a pancake.  Ask for a side of salsa.

John: This is a diner through and through.  Diners are known for breakfast, and that is what SC diner does well.  My favorite is their homemade corned beef hash breakfast plate.  Their country-style breakfasts are also well made, with fresh biscuits (tasted freshly baked, but who knows) and decent country sausage gravy that could be slightly more savory for my taste.  I’ve seen many other patrons eating things like the Pho or salads, but I recommend sticking to breakfast (or maybe the salisbury steak).

Zach: If you are going to eat here make sure you get drunk and/or stoned first. Assuming that you followed that rule the next rule is order the chili fries.  Good standard chili fries.  I ordered the burger and it was edible so I was happy about that.  It did taste like someone took a 3oz frozen meat patty, slid it across the grill, wiped it between their butt cheeks and put it on toast.  We just finished an extensive wine tasting on an empty stomach so this food was acceptable enough. Their sign should read:  Santa Cruz Diner: Acceptable enough*.

*(If you are drunk and/or stoned)!

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  • Thanks for giving us a try, guys! I posted a link to your blog on our Facebook page so that everyone could check it out.

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