International Kabob House in Campbell

We originally wanted to try out the Golden Falafel Ball for some Israeli style Falafel but we were surprised to find that they closed at 6:00pm!  Luckily we had another option in mind.  We heard the Kabob House had some good cheap food and we needed a Middle Eastern fix.  The place was nicer than expected as I thought it would be an order at the counter kind of joint, but they had table service and a nice atmosphere.  The menu here is extensive with many tasty options to choose from. The prices are very affordable and a great deal considering the portion size.  The food came up quick and the owner was there to check each order before they went out. Each table also had a shaker of ground Sumac berries which is a tart flavorful spice that goes great with meat or just about anything else. It’s probably best to leave the food descriptions to each present member, but we were all VERY impressed with the food and service.  If you like Middle Eastern food this is a must try.

John: The IKH was a superb find given the area’s general lack of good Mediterranean food.  First of all, the food was delicious, plain and simple.  The Greek Salad was surprisingly light when compared its usual interpretation of feta, black olives and vinaigrette.  Here, the salad had no leafy greens, but was instead a mix of peppers, olives, some of the sweetest onion I’ve encountered, tomatoes, cucumber, of course feta, and a lemon vinaigrette.  All the vegetables were fresh and flavorful, enhanced by a sprinkling of sumac available on the table next to the salt and pepper.  My main course was the Greek dish, Moussaka, known to some as Greek lasagna.  I cannot say that I have had much that was as delicious as this entree.  It was perfectly spiced, perfectly cooked and amazing.  Not being knowledgeable about Moussaka, this example will become my bar to which all other Moussakas will be judged.  Thank you IKH.

Zach:  I ordered the Kufta Kabob with a side order of the Greek Fries. The Greek salad that we shared was excellent from the start and I was immediately impressed.  The Greek Fries were $4 so I assumed it would be modest in size but what arrived was a huge mound of hand-cut fries drizzled in a little olive oil and topped with garlic and feta cheese. I was highly impressed.  The Kufta Kabob came out on a bed of delicious and perfectly fluffy rice.  Also the hot sauce here is really good too. I put some with a little tahini sauce and sumac on the kabob.  I’ve never liked Moussaka before but I tried some of John’s and it was explosive!  IKH is a great find and I can’t say enough good things.  Can’t wait to go back for a follow up.

Lesley: Get the Moussaka, Greek Fries, and Greek Salad.  The Moussaka is sinful and was the best I have ever tasted!  I have a feeling the Moussaka at the IKH will be my favorite new “Eatin’ Out” dish for 2009.    I don’t need to say anything else.

Vishal: The Kabob House was some of the better Mediterranean food I have had in the area. I often find Middle Eastern salads to be too tart, however the salad came out with a balanced taste due to the sweet onions that were generously applied. The kafta wrap I got was delectable, especially with the blend hot sauce and yogurt chutney. It was served on lavash bread, which was a welcome change from the typical pita. The Greek fries on the side were enough for a party of four and were seasoned well. The service was nice and with their impending liquor license approval, this could be a long term staple in my rotation.

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  • We went back again last night because we craved IKH so much since the first time we dined. Four of us shared the greek salad, flaming cheese, greek fries, and garlic dip. For dinner we had the falafel salad, kefta kebab, and Moussaka. It was great again with great service! OH, now they have beer and wine!

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