Zach Attack in the East Bay: Zachary’s Pizza, Oakland & Berkeley

Zachary’s pizza is a local favorite in the East Bay.  The restaurant’s popularity is exhibited by the unavoidable forty-five minute to one hour wait for a table.  An Oakland friend described the wait at Zachary’s as just part of the experience.  She said, “You know you will have to wait, so just hang out and have a Red Tail.”

So we were happy to finally eat Zachary’s pizza after all of the hype.  It is definitely a Chicago-style deep dish variation and its popularity proves that Americans just can’t say no to the carb, dairy, meaty combo called pizza.

I lived in Chicago and love all varieties of Chicago pizza.  Zachary’s serves the deep dish version that made me nostalgic for my Chicago pizza favorites.

If you like Zachary’s or if you are just a pizza connoisseur, visit Chicago and check out three of our favorite varieties:

•Bacino’s Heart Healthy Spinach and Mushroom Deep Dish Pizza ( in Lincoln Park
•Pizza and Oven Grinder’s doughy, saucy pizza pot-pies ( in Lincoln Park on Clark
•Pizza Metro’s thin, crisp crust square sliced pizza in Wicker Park (

Lesley: I think a Bay Area Pizza tour and taste test is in order!  I have fond memories of my Bacinos deep-dish in Chicago so this is my Bay Area Chicago-Style pizza fix.  Although, I just love the flakiness of my Bacino’s crust, but that is probably because I had that version before Zachary’s!  It is a quality deep-dish option in the Bay Area that will give you that comfort food filled feeling at the end of a long week.

Zach:  The pizza here was excellent.  I hadn’t had this style of pizza since I was in Chicago last and I have to say that it was just as good if not better than many places there.  If you haven’t had it yet give it a try.

John: As much as I doubt the veracity of Bacino’s “Heart Healthy” claim, I’m sure their pizza is delicious.  Zachary’s serves up thick as hell slices of heaven.  Layers of sauce, cheese and toppings magically stay inside the slice as you eat it, with the layers of flavor escaping only when you masticate.  Go there, grab a beer while you wait, then enjoy some dang good pizza.

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  • Vishal Link

    An aspect that I like is that the place is employee-owned through a co-op like structure. The fact that everyone has a stake in the company I think contributes to the service, which in my experience has been brilliant. I also usually hate waiting in lines but somehow at this place the wait seems to raise my energy level. The mad rush of people and pizzas is dare I say….intoxicating. I think the mark of a great pizza place is whether you can be perfectly happy just getting the cheese pizza. By that standard Zachary’s is my favorite pizza place of all time. Whether its authentic Chicago pizza or not I leave to better judges.

  • The co-op aspect is a great tidbit of information. I love that.

    Having worked in a lot of restaurants as a waitress, I know that the food industry employees can get the shaft. So, the employee owned aspect is awesome!

    I forgot to mention that the service was great! Also, they are great about giving you exactly how long you have to wait and checking in with you. This structured aspect makes it bearable.

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