Tornado? No, Toronado: Lower Haight, SF

Toronado, like the Oldsmobile it’s named after, sports a Unitized Power Package.  As GM used the UPP to fit both a transmission and engine into a conventional engine bay, Toronado fits an outstanding draught beer selection into the same space where a normal bar would serve at most five draughts.  Let me tell you that this is not a selection of Budweiser, Miller, and Coors products.  Toronado offers some of the finest brews from all over the world.  On our most recent visit we enjoyed some Belgians (Duvel Green, Affligem Trippel), and a Californian (Russian River, Pliny the Elder).  An excellent feature of Toronado is the ability (at slow times) to order a sausage from Rosamunde Sausage Grill next door.  Once you’ve ordered, you can go grab a beer and wait for the signature wall-pound that signals the readiness of your food.  We’ll be sure to get a proper post about Rosamunde the next time we’re in the Lower Haight, but it was too busy at Toronado to sit and eat.  Next time delicious sausage, next time.

Lesley: Go to Toronado for the BEER!  I love Belgian Style Ales and they seem to have them all.  You can get a sausage and pickle from next door and bring it over to drink with this unbelievable selection of brews.

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  • Bryan Link

    Beer and sausage grill? Next time you’re in Portland, I’m taking you to our very own high brow delicious beer cellar. I may also introduce to my very own creation – a hand crafted Russian Imperial Stout that has been aging in my basement since January.

  • Vishal Link

    Pliny the Elder is amazing. I am a huge fan of IPAs and its probably the tastiest beer I have tried. Its the only brew that I look forward to like a snack.

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