Guadalajara Taco Truck: Fruitvale Ave, East Oakland

Guadalajara is a renowned taco truck in East Oakland.  It is a spot where folks from all walks of life gather to indulge themselves on the great al Pastor tacos and burritos.  The truck sits in the parking lot of the Guadalajara restaurant across from the Fruitvale BART station, allowing quick access for diners on foot or in their cars.

When you order your meal it is served with complimentary slices of lime, fresh green onions, radishes, pickled carrots and jalapenos, red salsa, and salsa verde.  You take your food over to your car and eat standing, utilizing your trunk or truck bed as your table.  Between bites of taco or burrito, take a bite of the garnishes for an extra crunch and added flavor.

Zach: I’ve been here a few times when getting off the BART on my way to visit some friends.  The al Pastor is exceptional here.  I’d recommend stopping by if you are in the area because of the al Pastor.  The regular burritos are great and not overladen with rice.  The super burrito is the size of a large baby so watch out, it weighs about 10 pounds!  They do tend to over stuff the super with a little bit too much rice so I’d ask for less rice if you want to eat yourself into a coma for the next few days.  The salsas are good too and they hook you up with the extras like radishes, pickled jalapenos and carrots, and green onions.  I always give bonus points for the extras.  Very consistent in quality and service so I’ve never been disappointed.

John: The Guadalajara truck is quite exceptional.  On a recent trip I enjoyed the Cabeza (beef head), Carnitas and Chicharron tacos.  The Carnitas was fantastic with just enough fat to keep me coming back for that next bite.  The Cabeza was very tasty, but not as unique as one may expect.  It tasted merely like stewed beef; I was expecting so much more.  The Chicharron was what you’d guess fried pork skin to be like; crunchy and with little flavor.  I enjoy pork rinds, but I forgot how they made me feel afterward.  Once the Chicharron taco was gone I had an immediate lipid hangover.  Too much fat will drive you into a coma like state, known in some circles as “food coma” and others as “the ‘itis.”  All in all, Guadalajara is a delicious place to eat, with little on the menu that would offend your tastebuds and a lot that will please them (the garnishes are key).

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