The Ferry Building and its Saturday Farmers Market: SF

These are just a few tastes of what we had over the weekend at the Ferry Building and farmers market.  There are so many great places to try here on Saturday mornings that you just can’t get them all in one visit.  I always tell out of town folks visiting SF to go the Ferry Building and Farmers Market because of the local foods and produce.  It is hard to go wrong here!

We had:

From Lulu Petite:
This is the cafe option of Lulu located inside of the Ferry Building.  They serve sandwiches and specialty take-home foods.

-Egg Salad Sandwich with tarragon, parsley, chives, and Lulu Truffle Artichoke Tapenade on Roasted Brioche.  It was huge and very tasty with a sweet, challah-like bread.
-Homemade Potato Chips.  These were pretty good but I thought they could benefit from some kind of creative salt (or pepper) kick.
-Crispy Chicken Sandwich.  It was good but I think adding cheese would be a benefit to the overall flavor.

From Roli Roti, Gourmet Rotisserie:
This is located outside in the market area and had a huge line for the Porchetta.

-Porchetta Sandwich.  This was delicious pork goodness.  Describing it as melting in your mouth would be an understatement.  The little pieces of crispy skin were a great addition.  If you like pork you will want to make love to this sandwich!

-Roasted Potatoes.  The first one exploded with flavor!  These potatoes arecooked below the chicken in their drippings which added a great flavor.  The ones that were cooked until crispy were amazing but the less cooked ones were so so.

From the Farmers Market:
-Huge Carrots that would make a beautiful, simple side dish.
-Truly home grown strawberries that were amazing.

From All Star Organics:
Specialty Cooking Salts: Lavender Salt, Italian Herb Salt, Celery Salt, Garlic Salt. $10
A friend bought a bottle of Truffle Salt from a place in Sonoma when she was out visiting.  She puts it on popcorn.  This started my interest in the creative salts.  What would be good with Lavender Salt?

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  • Shelly Link

    Would lavender salt be good on melon???

  • That is a great suggestion! I have heard that truffle salt is good on popcorn.

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