Dry Farmed Tomatoes: Santa Cruz Farmers Market

I first heard about these tomatoes from a relative in Santa Cruz.  She said they were the best but expensive, so I had to try them.  Dry farming is a technique that I had not heard of before coming to California.  Basically, the soil is tilled to a sponge-like consistency before the dry season and the soil is rolled over to make a hard layer to lock in the moisture.  The plants are then planted without irrigation to force the roots to grow deep towards the trapped moisture.   This technique is best suited for dry climates.  The process results in smaller crops that are far more concentrated in flavor, have a higher nutrient density and last longer.  I’ve only had the tomatoes but I’m going to seek out other produce to try.  The tomatoes are dense, sweet and delicious.  I’m going to get more from Dirty Girl Produce this Wednesday at the Santa Cruz farmers’ market.  Dirty Girl dry farmed tomatoes are available at other farmers’ markets in the Bay Area so check out their site for more details.  If you are interested in the process check it out here.

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