Cannoli Get It Here: A Slice of New York, San Jose

Walking into A Slice of New York (“Slice”), one is not just reminded of New York City, but in fact beaten about the head, neck and arms with NYC accoutrements.  The subway signs, bus handholds, maps, sports gear, photographs, and servers looking to move the line along, tell you forcefully, “we love NYC and so should you!”  But even if you don’t like New York or even the East Coast, the pizza will have you coming back time and time again.  Here, the kitchen serves up classic thin crust pizza with a satisfyingly crisp crust and all your basic topping favorites.  I would certainly be lying if I said there was no Bay Area influence here.  At no time have I witnessed a pesto, chicken and garlic pizza offered up in a neighborhood pizza joint in NYC, but I do have a hard time finding a good slice of thin crust outside of NY.  Besides the classic thin slice, Slice offers a Sicilian-style rectangular thick crust option.  They serve a plain cheese version of the Sicilian, but the meatlover is the way to go if you want the thicker crust (trust me).  Don’t let its name fool you either; Slice sells calzones, stromboli, desserts and something else you’ll certainly want, garlic knots.  The garlic knots are bits of dough covered in Slice’s garlic, parsley, and basil olive oil blend, served with a side of marinara sauce.  One could easily make a meal out of the knots themselves.

Side notes: Slice is closed on Mondays, so don’t bother showing up.  Also, Slice is next to a blues bar, JJ’s Blues, which allows you to eat your pizza while enjoying a beverage and some music.  Slice is open late and is a favorite post-drink stop, so keep that in mind when you’re getting a late night snack on a Friday or Saturday (i.e., Long Lines).  Slice is also popular for mid-week lunches, but don’t let a line dissuade you, the service is always quick.

John: This is a great place to grab a slice if you’re on Steven’s Creek Blvd, especially if it’s late night and you’re looking for a good bite to eat.  They don’t lie about using fresh ingredients, because the garlic on the pesto chicken slice was fresher than a drunk monkey.  One of my favorites here is the Sicilian Meatlover.  It has the perfect balance of meat, cheese, sauce, and that almost fried pizza dough.  While the Meatlover is great, the plain Sicilian slice is boring, lacking flavor and the fried quality of the dough found in the Meatlover.  I also love meat; perhaps I’m biased?

Zach: I’d been wanting to try this place for a while so it was nice to finally get a chance.  I ordered a cut of the sausage which was kind of odd because the sausage was ground to the point of almost being a powder.  Now, if they made the dough out of this sausage powder they might have a real winner here.  Also the pizza was under sauced and I had a hard time chewing it without a glass of water.  The chicken, garlic, pesto pizza on the other hand was very tasty and much better than the dry as hell sausage slice.  Having eaten at some of the best pizza places in cities like Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh and New York I have pretty high standards for judging pizza but I do enjoy pizza for what it is in and of itself and try to judge it without comparing it to the great archetypes of the pizzasphere.  Just for the record my favorite pizza place ever if Fiori’s Pizza in Pittsburgh, PA.  S of NY is a good late night drunken pizza spot but make sure you choose one of the juicier pieces.

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