Underberg Digestive Bitters: Packs a punch

Some of you may be familiar with Underberg.  Maybe you’ve seen it at a bar or passed it by when browsing through BevMo.  My recent fascination with bitters led me to pick up a pack of three little bottles of this stuff while wondering aimlessly through the local liquor store.  There are many digestive bitters out there with magical claims on the package describing how they will alleviate whichever food induced malady you may have.  As an eater of foods, I know these symptoms all too well.  Having tried it out on a few occasions I can attest to it’s digestion-aiding properties.  I recommend taking it all at once as the taste is quite powerful, with strong medicinal flavors of cloves, allspice and herbs.  It’s 44% alcohol and runs about $6 for a 3 pack.  Give it a try after a hefty meal and decide for yourself.

John: Underberg’s advertisements in bars state that it is the drink to have at the end of a night of alcohol enjoyment to avoid a hangover.  While we have not put this claim to the test, it is weakened by Underberg’s similarity to other drinks like Jaegermeister and Fernet Branca, which I’m sure one or two of our readers may know produce some classic hangovers.

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