Mango Caribbean: Palo Alto

John and his friends love this spot.  I think it is because of the combination of the drinks and the reggae wraps.  The jerk chicken is kind of bland tasting and so Zach and John drown it in hot sauce.  However, they do love the goat stew and oxtail soup.  The decor and atmosphere is nice and the owner has always been there when I go to eat at Mango.  They do have some outdoor seating in the front.  This is a good spot for large groups and even a first date.  Call ahead for reservations for large groups.  Their deserts are tasty such as the BANANA TREE (sweetly grilled bananas served with coconut ice cream and topped with chocolate syrup).

Lesley: I would go to this place just for the Dill Dressing!!!  It rules.  You can have it with your salad or use it for dipping your meal.  For a good meal I suggest the WELCOME HALL appetizer (plantain chips with cucumber honey dipping sauce and citrus guacamole), a REGGAE WRAP  (jerk chicken, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, cheese and cucumber that is a “Build your Own” wraps made with roti bread and served with red beans & rice and salad) + dill dressing for dipping, and a rum punch ($4 all summer).  Then possibly a Banana tree for desert to share, but you will be stuffed.

Zach: The Rum punch was tasty and you can’t beat it for $4.  It has a decent amount of guava juice in it which I like. Most of the other drinks on the menu were around $7.  For dinner I ordered the Reggae Platter which consisted of jerk chicken and red beans and rice.  I was expecting a whole leg and thigh of spice rubbed chicken, but it was just some shredded pieces of dark meat.  The meat itself was juicy but lacking in spices.  The beans and rice were made with coconut milk which made them really tasty.  It’s at least worth another try, but if you’re looking for authentic jerk chicken you will be disappointed.

John: This is one of my favorite restaurants on the peninsula, with some very tasty food and interesting beverages.  Now, I haven’t had the jerk chicken because I enjoy the other dishes so much, so I can’t comment on what the other two have.  It’s a toss up between the oxtail soup or the goat curry for my favorite dish here.  Both dishes are spiced well and can be ordered with more spice if desired.  The rum punch is tasty and affordable, but go on a Thursday or Saturday night to get the Red Stripe deals: $2 for a regular 12 oz and $4 for a 22 oz big boy.  There are usually other drink specials on these nights, but they change with the season or whim of the owner.  All in all, a good place to grab a bite and a drink.


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