Dynasty in Capitola: The Chinese Comfort Food


On Sunday, in the late afternoon, we hadn’t eaten much and decided to hit Dynasty for supper.  They recently updated the restaurant décor and I felt a little underdressed wearing my typical Santa Cruz hoodie but it gave Dynasty a bit more of an upscale feeling even though it is the same menu and still in a strip mall.  We shared plates, family-style, ordering a couple of appetizers, 3 of our favorite dishes, one new dish, and tasty chrysanthemum tea.  The egg roll appetizer was typical of Chinese restaurants but seemed freshly made.  However, they aced it with our standard favorites Mu Shu Shredded Pork & House Special Sauteed Beef with Zilan Sauce.  I really like it when the sweet waitress hand rolls the Mu Shu Pork at the table for you (shredded pork & shredded cabbage, willow tree fungus, and fluffed eggs sauteed in their special house soy sauce & then wrapped in a tortilla like thing).  I have never had anything quite like the Sauteed Beef with Zilan Sauce but it has a really interesting texture and a particular spice on top of it with sauteed beef stir fried with Chinese zilan sauce.  This beef dish is great in accompaniment with other dishes but it would be too much on its own as a single meal choice.  We also ordered the Dynasty Eggplant and I liked it but it is fried and has a sweet sauce that is somewhat similar to the Orange Chicken we ordered.  I would probably try either another poultry dish next time because even though the Orange Chicken has dried orange rind in it, it can still often be quite a bland dish. (Google Map)

Menu and website

Supposedly they have a great Dim Sum on the weekends but we haven’t tried it yet.

Lesley:  Originally being from the Midwest, I am used to heavy, filling meals and Dynasty is my go-to spot for quality Chinese-comfort food.  It is much, much better than most strip mall Chinese restaurants and advertises NO MSG!

Zach: The Mu Shu pork is my personal favorite and worth a stop just for that alone.  They usually have this complimentary peanut celery appetizer thing but sometimes you have to ask for it.  It’s also really good.  The beef with zilan is good too even though the beef is a little on the chewy side.

John: I love the Mu Shu and Beef with Zilan.  There are few Chinese restaurants that compare in overall deliciousness (House of Nanking in SF does).  Besides dishes that are normally bland (beef with broccoli, orange chicken), every dish has a unique flavor, unlike many lower quality restaurants where everything tastes like it was cooked at the same time and then coated in the same sauce.

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  • Al Link

    I always enjoyed the food at Dynasty. It will be interesting to see the new decor , but actually I was most pleased to hear that the food preparation hasn’t changed! Being on an extended location production job in Kentucky through the month of August makes me look forward to my return to Santa Cruz county and eating at Dynasty!

  • Can’t beat this place. Only Chinese in santa cruz I eat

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